The marketplace
of the future,

ABE is a licensed securities exchange operating in 33 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas*. As a Tier 1 exchange, ABE combines the power of a traditional stock exchange with the worldwide reach of our network of alternative trading systems. This powerful combination allows us to offer both new financial products and traditional securities to the world.

*Regulatory approvals in process.

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Opening new market opportunities

Powering the capital markets to work harder for all participants

ABE enhances, not replaces, the existing capital markets ecosystem by taking advantage of its proven infrastructure, combined with distributed ledger technology, opening up the marketplace to new assets and all investor classes.


Bringing tokenized assets to the compliant markets

ABE bridges tokenized assets and the compliant capital markets with a licensed token-ready securities exchange, compatible custody, and an adaptable market structure.


The ABE advantage

One exchange, multiple jurisdictions

ABE is the only truly-global exchange where issuers make one public registration with one regulator to access all investor classes around the world.  One and done.


Securities exchange licenses

As a Tier 1 securities exchange, enhanced by electronic trading licenses (e.g. ATS), ABE delivers a single marketplace for multiple asset classes (stocks, bonds, options, etc.) that enables both tokenized and traditional financial instruments.


Customizable market structure empowers issuers/investors

Having the flexibility to set the market structure (with a flexible-auction technology) to fit your liquidity needs delivers direct access to the global capital markets for a fraction of the cost, places investors on an even playing field, and dramatically increases transparency.


A platform for performance

Our exchange combines the security and reliability of traditional securities exchange technology with the innovative and cost savings of distributed ledger technology.  ABE's core technology was built in a joint effort with (and is operated by) the London Stock Exchange. Our technology can integrate with most global trading firms, banks and operational systems. 


Fully compliant

ABE and our global regulatory attorneys, White & Case, have partnered closely with regulators to ensure our offering is responsible, compliant and legally sound.